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"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


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Automata or Computation Technical Assignment Help

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Topic: Automata or Computation (Computer Science Course)

Introduction to Automata or Computation Assignment Services


  1. Summary/Overview:

Automata or computation (also known as Theory Of Computation) is a subject of Computer Science and Mathematics which required a great amount of knowledge to solve problems and assignments. That’s why we are here to overcome your burden to help you in this automata subject via our academic professionals who are recognised by popular universities around the globe.


2. Definition: Automatons are abstract models of machines that perform computations on input by moving through following a predetermined sequence of operations automatically. Automata originated from the word “Automaton” which is closely related to “Automation”. Automation and computation closely work in 3 main areas of theory: Automata theory, Computability theory, and Complexity theory. Let us understand them one by one.

Complexity Theory: Computer problems come in different varieties, in which some are easy, and some are hard. For example, sorting number problems is an easy task, that can be solved by arranging a list of numbers in ascending or descending order. Easy problems can be solved quickly by a small computer. But compared to a complex scheduling problem, which is hard to compute by an ordinary system can cause many problems for us.

The classic area of complexity theory is the ancient field of cryptography. Cryptography is unusual because it specifically requires computational problems that are hard, rather than easy. Because secret codes are hard to break without a secret key or password. Complexity theory has pointed cryptographers in the direction to design new design of codes to solve them computationally.

Computability Theory: During the 20th century, mathematicians such as Kurt codel, alan turing, and Alonzo church discovered that certain problems cannot be solved by computers. One example of such a problem is determining whether a mathematical statement is true or false. That task is easy for such mathematicians. It seems like a natural solution by computer because it lies strictly within the realm of mathematics. But no computer algorithm can perform this task.

The theories of computability and complexity are closely related, As the main motive of complexity theory, is to classify the problem as easy ones and hard ones. Where the computability theory classifies the problem, as whether this can be solvable or not.

Automata Theory: automata theory deals with the definition and properties of the mathematics model of computation. These models play many roles in several areas of computer science. One model, called finite automation, is used in text processing, compilers, and hardware design. Another model, called context-free grammar, is used in programming language and artificial intelligence.

Automata or Computation-Related Q&A:

Question 1: What Is The Difference Between The Strings And The Words Of A Language?

Answer: A string is any combination of the letters of an alphabet whereas the words of a language are the strings that are always made according to certain rules used to define that language.

Question 2: What Is Null String (Λ)?

Answer: The string with zero occurrences of symbols (letters) from ∑.

It is denoted by (Small Greek letter Lambda) λ or (Capital Greek letter Lambda) Λ, which is called an empty string or null string. The capital lambda will mostly be used to denote the empty string.

Question 3: What is Algol?

Answer: ALGOL (ALGOrithmic Language) is one of several high languages designed specifically for programming scientific computations.

Question 4. What are Non-determinism and Determinism, And what is the difference between them?

Answer: Determinism means that our computational model (machine) knows what to do for every possible input. In non-determinism, our machine may or may not know what it has to do on all possible inputs.

As you can conclude from the above definition that Non-Deterministic machine can not be implemented ( used ) on a computer unless it is converted into a Deterministic machine.

Question 5. Differentiate between (a,b) and (a+b)?

Answer: (a, b) = Represents a and b.

(a + b) = Represents either a or b.


Automata or Computation Topics:

Theory of computation has an extensive list of topics which includes the following topics names: 

Part One: Automata and languages

  1. Regular languages: Finite automata, non-determinism, regular expressions, non-regular languages.
  2. Context-free languages: content-free grammes, pushdown automata, non-contest-free languages.

Part Two: Computability Theory

  1. The church - turing thesis: Turing machines, variants of turing machines, the definition of algorithm.
  2. Decidability: Decidable languages, the halting problem.
  3. Reducibility: undecidable problems from language theory, a simple undecidable problem, mapping reducibility.
  4. Advanced topics in computability theory: the recursion theorem, decidability of logical theories, turing reducibility, and a definition of information.

Part Three: Complexity Theory

  1. Time complexity: Measuring complexity, The class P, The class NP, NP-completeness, and Additional NP-complete problems.
  2. Space complexity.
  3. Intractability.
  4. Advanced topics in complexity theory.


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