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COMSC 3153 Data Communications Networks Technical Assignment Help

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Topic: COMSC 3153 Data Communications Networks (Computer Science Course)

Introduction to COMSC 3153 Data Communications Networks Assignment Services

Our Data Communications Networks online assignment help experts are very talented to deal with all types of challenging topics of Data Communications Networks. Data communications Networks refers to the transmission of this digital data between two or more computers and a computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. The physical connection between networked computing devices is established using either cable media or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the Internet. It is a course on a technology that is a huge modern day requirement and has a huge potential professionally. TutorDollar has, hence, introduced online assignment help for the students.

Some of the various topics covered in this online course are Uses of computer networks, Network hardware, Network software, Reference models, Example networks, Network standardization, Metric units, Outline of the rest of the book, Theoretical basis for data communication, Guided transmission media, Wireless transmission, Communication satellites, Digital modulation and multiplexing, Public switched telephone network, Mobile telephone system, Cable television, Data link layer design issues, Elementary data link protocols, Sliding window protocols, Example data link protocols, Channel allocation problem, Multiple access protocols, Ethernet, Wireless LANs, Broadband wireless, Bluetooth, RFID, Data link layer, Switching, Network layer design issues, Routing algorithms, Congestion control, Algorithms, Quality of service, Internet-working, Network layer in the internet, Transport service, Elements of transport protocols, Congestion control algorithms, Internet transport protocols: UDP and TCP, Performance issues, Delay tolerant networks, Domain name system, Electronic mail, World Wide Web, Real time audio and video, Content delivery and peer-to-peer, Cryptography, Symmetric-key algorithms, Public-key algorithms, Digital signatures, Management of public keys, Communication security, Authentication protocols, Email security, Web security and Social issues.

The course covers the subject completely and yet is very economical, both time-wise and money-wise. This has been made possible because of Course Work Solution’s consistent efforts in providing top quality services and courses to help students become more knowledgeable and clearer regarding the subject concepts. TutorDollar supports subject experts’ panel that design the course with all their experience. Hence, the course is always focused on making the process of studying and understanding relatively easier. Same is the case with COSMC 3153 Data Communications & Networks. The course has multiple assignments and activities that enhance your ability to apply your knowledge as well. The course can be joined very simply and for very less fees. Feel free to contact our customer care team in case of any problems and queries.

Data communication assignments need to cover a large range of prospect as this field needs a special attention while solving any kind of assignment and project. Tutor Dollar is an academic consultant that provides expertise assistance in solving critical projects, assignments and home assignments. Tutor dollar has got most trusted and reliable providers who are present across the globe in sharing the most recent and updated information about Data Communication. As being the most efficient academic consultant, Tutor Dollar has expertise supervision in subject matter related to Data Communication. This educational firm has got abundance of academic assignment, project papers from a wide range of clients in all kinds of data communication domain. 

TutorDollar is concerned about the time period of completion of work.  Till now, there has been any date or target which seems to be impossible for tutor Dollar to achieve. Along with a wide range of international connection, this academic consultant has given employment to many experienced and renowned professors and technicians, who have gained ten to fifteen years of experience in this field. 

Tutor dollar knows the importance of making an assignment interesting by implementing unique ideas, like separating two sections that consists of technical and non- technical means of data communication. Along with that they have got a separate team, who are responsible for Search Engine operation (SEO) friendly. Perfect implementation of images in the perfect place makes it more attractive and exciting for the students.

In case of data communication, Tutor dollar has got different representatives available for twenty four hours in solving assignments that includes local communication and remote communication. 

Some of the core field services that are provided by TutorDollar for Data Communication are as follows:

  • Data Communication College assignments, Data Transmission, Encoding of digital data.
  • Variety of techniques that includes Scrambling of Data and techniques.
  • Circuit switch and data-gram.
  • Virtual Circuit theory based on networking.
  • Pulse Code Modulation.
  • Parallel and serial transmission model.
  • FDM, WDM and multiplexing division.
  • Transmission and switching media including for both guided and unguided mode of Data communication

Assistance Services:

  • Detection and correction of errors.
  • Checking contents based on hamming distance, CRC, Framing, Error and Flow control.
  • Detection of errors in HDLC, PPP, LAN devices connection along with Ethernet.
  • Multiple accesses to CA, CSMA, CD and channelization.
  • Topics like Cryptography, security and privacy, IPV-6 and IPV-4.
  • Assignments related to protocols and complex based on data communication.

Data Communication topics

  • Nyquist Theorems and Shannon Theorems.
  • Modulation of digital data.
  • Multiplexing and Binary modulation scheme.
  • Detection of various signals and frequency division.
  • Wave Division Multiplexing along with Time Division Multiplexing.
  • Channel coding and linear coding.
  • Tunneling and wave division multiplexing.
  • Public Key Infrastructure.
  • LAN addressing, ARP, link Layer services and static routing.
  • TCP/IP, Multiplexing and IP application.
  • Peer-to-peer networking, MAN and synchronization.
  • Inter domain mapping and routing.
  • IEEE 802 LAN, switching of packets.
  • Standards and wire communication mapping.

There are an abundance of students who are opting for Data communication and Tutor Dollar is helping those students to achieve their aim. Tutor Dollar wants their students to obtain good grades and to do well in the field of Data Communication. The data communication and networking team have helped over 6000 plus students living worldwide in different zones. So these students have made themselves well acquainted with the professors of TutorDollar. So, Go ahead to get the best Data Communication Networks online assignment help at TutorDollar!

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