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Exclusive Offer: Writing begins at just 10$ per page. We are giving 50% off for your first assignment


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ETM 310622 Engineering Economics Technical Assignment Help

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Topic: ETM 310622 Engineering Economics (Technology Management Course)

Introduction to ETM 310622 Engineering Economics Assignment Services

We, at TutorDollar, provide expert Engineering Economics homework and online assignment help. Our Engineering Economics online assignment help experts are very talented to deal with all types of challenging topics of Engineering Economics.

ETM 310622 Engineering Economics an online course that provides an in-depth study of tools to analyze and solve the economic problems that are faced by today's technologists and engineers. The course will cover various topics such as the decision-making process, cost estimating, time value of money, present worth techniques, cash flow analysis, rate of return analysis, uncertainty in future events, depreciation methods, taxes, replacement policies, and annual equivalence and sensate.

There are different topics are included in Engineering Economics, such as-

Inflation, Uncertainty, Depreciation, Replacements, Taxes, Resource depletion, Accounting, Tax credits, Capital financing, Cost estimations,  Cost-benefit analysis, Future worth or value, Annual cost, Break Even analysis, Valuation & depreciation, Present worth, Rate of return analysis, Present worth analysis, Interest and Equivalence, Decision-making process

Quality analysis. This TutorDollar course has very specifically been designed by a team of experts.

Amongst the other topics covered in this online course are Engineering Economic Decisions, Understanding Financial Statement, Interest Rate, and Economic Equivalence, Understanding Money and Its Management, Evaluation of Business and Engineering Assets, Present worth Analysis, Annual worth Analysis, Rate of Return Analysis, Analysis of Project Cash Flows, Estimating Project Cost Elements, Depreciation and Corporate Taxes, Developing Project Cash Flows, Handling Risk and Uncertainty in Economic Analysis, Inflation and Its Impact on Project Cash Flows, Sensitivity and Risk Analysis, Real Options Analysis, Special Topics in Engineering Economic Analysis, Replacement Analysis, Capital Budgeting Decisions and Economic Analysis in Service Sector.

Some Engineering Economics Assignment includes-

  • Contracts and interest relationships
  • Economic equivalence and retirement plans
  • Different types of Inflation
  • Financing of new and running enterprises
  • The stock market, Stock ownership, annual reports

TutorDollar Assignment help providers usually design their assignment regarding these types:

  1. Cash flow discount
  2. Sources of different funds
  3. Effectiveness of depreciation
  4. Effectiveness of taxes
  5. Effectiveness of inflation
  6. Specifications of economics models for engineering
  7. Comparison of economic models with other traditional models
  8. Replacement of decision making
  9. Rick analysis
  10. Project control
  11. Simulations
  12. Inventory analysis

At TutorDollar, the online courses have been designed by a panel of experts who have wide-ranging knowledge about the subject and expertise in the subject of concern, which in this case is Engineering Economics. Our experts are not only highly qualified but also hold a lot of experience in their field of expertise. The course, hence, is a perfect mix of theoretical teaching and practical applications so that the students can learn well to make use of what they learn.

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