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Exclusive Offer: Writing begins at just 10$ per page. We are giving 50% off for your first assignment


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Topic: Eviews based (Simulation Softwares Course)

Introduction to Eviews based Assignment Services

We, at TutorDollar, provide expert EViews homework and online assignment help. EViews is a statistical software package for data analysis and forecasting.  The latest version of Eviews is 11 and that is released in April 2019. It is a Windows system mainly used for the time-series oriented econometric analysis and that is developed by Quantitative Micro Software (QMS) for general statistical analysis and econometric analyses. 

The famous statistical software Eview provides various offers to the Government agencies, public and private corporations, academic researchers, and students to access different types of complicated statistical data, forecasting on a specific topic, modeling tools through an innovative and object-oriented simple interface.  

EViews involves a spreadsheet and a relational database for analysis and forecasting. EViews is a statistics and forecasting system that includes the various analytical tools to manage the database quickly and efficiently.


Eviews 11

Eviews 11 is the brand new version of this statistical software with huge numbers of exciting and beneficial features, geographical map visualization, improvement of extensive VAR, Python-integration, and more. 


Eviews 10 (Student version)

The University or student version of Eviews software is completely designed with lots of features that are beneficial for the beginners and university professors. Free Eviews 10 is also available for students of modern technology. 

 EViews is a software system to analyze and manage the statistical data and it can produce high-quality graphs and tables for the forecasting process, EViews is a simple and easy user interface that explains each step of the process from data input, import, visualization, analysis, forecasting and output.

TutorDollar gives you the platform to develop the forecasting skills from analyzing the database at each size. Our Expert provides 24*7 online learning and problem-solving sessions for the students and professionals.

TutorDollar provides the assignment and live projects series to the scholar community to understand the data analysis in-depth. 

“When you embark on an econometric journey, your first step will be to bring your data into Eviews.” told by the famous IT professor Richard Starts in his book ‘EViews Illustrated’. In this book, professor Startz covers the data structure and work-file structure, creation of new workfile, reconstruction and deconstruction of workfile, identity Noncrisis, important business on Eviews, and more important topics. 

On the assignment of TutorDollar, you can easily find these types of expert’s opinions, world-class topic analysis, and a complete discussion of your topic on an international level. 

Preparing a complete assignment could be easier for the students if they grab the opportunity of assignment help provided by TutorDollar. Our assignment on Eviews mostly constructed about the practical applications of the theory and also guides you in the unexplored areas of this software. 


Usually, an assignment of Eviews covers those help such as:

  1. Economic Assignment help
  2. Regression Analysis Help
  3. Assignment help on Data Management
  4. Statistical Analysis help
  5. Statistical forecasting help
  6. Correlation assignment help


Along with the main topic-areas, our assignment also provides you:

  1. Accounts Payable Quality
  2. Statistical analysis of Consumer affairs
  3. Database management analysis
  4. Financial analysis

Our expert team covers the basic and advanced course contents for the students for their better learning; EViews Basics, Workfiles,  main data file format, Samples, cross-sectional data, Series and Groups, Entering Data into a Series, Data Functions, Date Functions, Dummy Variables,  Frequency Conversion, Basic Graphing, Statistical Analysis, Tables and Spools, Basic Estimation, Time Series Estimation, Forecasting, Programming, regression, correlation, linear regression, Specification and hypothesis tests, Object operations, Numeric expressions, Value Maps, Graphs, Variance ratio test, BDS independence test, Breakpoint unit root test,  Correlogram, one way tabulation, Labels, Automatic ARIMA forecasting,  Time series regression, ARCH and GARCH estimation, Autoregressive distributed lag Models, MIDAS Regression, Robust least squares.


Importance of availing our Eviews Assignment help

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