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Fundamentals of Engineering Technical Assignment Help

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Topic: Fundamentals of Engineering (Technology Management Course)

Introduction to Fundamentals of Engineering Assignment Services


Course Description

Prerequisite: Pre-college curriculum.  An introduction to major areas of engineering technology, including communication, construction, manufacturing and transportation systems. (This course will provide a perspective regarding the role of technology in solving global community problems and provide students with necessary knowledge to make informed decisions in a technological community. Course provides students an overall picture of the engineering world, explain techniques and safety issues, and introduce them to major areas of technology including construction and civil engineering, design and manufacturing, electronics and computer engineering technology.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have gained the following competencies:


  1. Develop an ability to apply the fundamental knowledge of engineering and technology to solve technological problem. (individual assignments, final exam, seminar)
  2. Develop an ability to apply the safety knowledge in their lab courses and future job. (discussion, case study)
  3. Demonstrate their understanding how to achieve the success in both academic and career. (seminars, Discussion)
  4. Develop a recognition for the need for, and an ability to engage in, life-long learning in the field of applied engineering and technology. (seminar, case study, projects)
  5. Demonstrate their ability to locate, collect, organize and present information from various disciplines in written and/or oral format.
  6. Develop an ability to use the techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for practice of engineering and technology. (Webpage design, projects, individual assignments, case study, seminars) 
  7. Demonstrate the ability to analyze technological issues and make informed decisions both as a team or individual.
  8. Students will develop an understanding of how technology is used to promote human potential.


Topics we cover

ETM 120-001 Fundamentals of Engineering, Department of Engineering and Technology Management, School of Engineering & Information Systems, Chapter 1.  Engineering, Technology, Society, and the Environment, Technology, Engineering, and Science, Technology and Prehistory, Technology and History, Technology and Society, Technology and the Environment., Chapter 2. Informed Design, Design, Modeling, and Analysis, Design Process Overview, Further Considerations in Designing, Ethics, Safety, and Risk., Chapter 3. Abilities for a Technological World, Applying the Design Process, Using and Maintaining Technological Products and Systems, Assessing the Impact of Products and Ideas, Management of Technological Endeavors., Chapter 4. Materials and Materials Processing, Types of Materials, Properties of Materials, Processing Materials, Factors in Selecting Materials, Chapter 5. Manufacturing, Manufacturing Systems, Quality and Quality Systems, Automated Manufacturing, Changes in Manufacturing Methods and Processes, Manufacturing as a Global Enterprise, Chapter 6. Construction Technology, Examining the Construction Industry and Its Economic Impact, Learning About Types of Structures, Maintaining and Renovating Structures, Energy and Power Investigating Energy Forms, Discovering More About Work, Heat, and Intrinsic Energy Forms, Understanding Conservation of Energy—The First Law of Thermodynamics, Investigating Energy Sources, Analyzing Engines and Power Systems, Transportation, Understanding the Global Transportation Picture, Examining Transportation Systems, Investigating New Technologies, Electricity and Electronics, Understanding Electricity Concepts, Examining Electrical Circuits, Learning About Electronics, Fabricating Integrated Circuits, Computers and Computer Architecture, Understanding Electricity Concepts, Examining Electrical Circuits ,Learning About Electronics, Fabricating Integrated Circuits        , Computers and Computer Architecture, Digital Logic, Memory, Computer Architecture, Components of a Computer System, Chapter 11.  Electronic Communications, Understanding Communication Systems, Identifying Types of Communications, Defining Telecommunications, Learning About Satellite Communications and the Global Positioning System, Exploring Digital Media, Chapter 12.  Data Networking and Communication, Networking Technologies and Applications, LANs, WANs, and Networking Devices., IP Addressing, Securing the Network, Chapter 13. Biotechnology, The Changing World of Biotechnology, Applying Biotechnology, Working in Biotechnology, Chapter 14.  Chemical Technology, Defining Chemical Technology, The Changing World of Chemical Technology, focusing on Commodities/Polymers and Feedstock Chemicals, Focusing on Specialty/Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Current and Future Chemical Energy Sources, Chapter 15.  Agricultural Technology, From Green Revolution to the Agricultural Gene Revolution, Agricultural Engineering Today: Problems and Solutions, Preserving Food: From Plot to Table, Chapter 16.  Medical Technology, Looking at Early Medical Technology, Applying Medical Technology to Diagnosis, Therapeutics, and Rehabilitation, Applying Technological Advances from Other Fields to Medical Technology, Applying Basic Science Research to Advances in Medical Technology, Chapter 17. Technology in the Future, The Global World, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information and Communications Technology, New Technologies at Work, Technological Impact,

Books we use:

Engineering and Technology 1st Edition -Hacker, Burghardt, Fletcher, Gordon, Peruzzi, Prestopnik, Gaissaunee  ISBN-13: 978-1-4180-7389-3


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