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Hydrology Technical Assignment Help

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Topic: Hydrology (Technology Management Course)

Introduction to Hydrology Assignment Services

Course Description:  A study of surface and subsurface fluid flow systems. Basic areas will include open and closed channel flow, hydrogeology, sedimentation/erosion control and applicable state/federal regulations.

Prerequisite:   MATH 152 or higher 

Upon successful completion, the student will have gained the following competencies:

  • Discuss and perform mathematical operations of the basic concepts of fluid properties
  • Understand the basic fluid concepts of liquid shear resistance, viscosity, bulk volume, and incompressibility, specific weight, specific gravity.
  • Understand and perform computations for static liquid pressure and Perform static pressure computations for various liquids.
  • Understand and perform computations for the fluid conservation of mass equation.
  • Explain and mathematically prove the validity of the piezometric head formula, and Understand and perform computations for the hydraulic energy conversions for liquids. Understand and perform computations for Bernoulli’s equation.
  • Understand and perform computations for open channel flow discharge.
  • Understand the basic components of the hydrologic cycle including runoff, precipitation, evapo-transpiration, groundwater, soil moisture, and surface water storage.
  • Understand and perform computations for forecasting annual precipitation for an area.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and perform hydrologic frequency analysis and rainfall-runoff estimations
  • Design stormwater system, including inlets, pipes and ripraps.

Topics we cover: 

ECC 307 – Hydrology,Hydraulics and Hydrology in Engineering• Place hydraulic/hydrologic engineering in a historical perspective • Define stormwater management • Explain the roles of public agencies in stormwater management • Recognize the factors involved in engineering design • Perform computations using the appropriate significant figures • Convert between metric units and English units• FluidMechanics•Describe the differences among solid, liquid, and gas • Describe properties of water such as cohesion, adhesion, and capillarity • Calculate the specific weight and specific gravity of various liquids • Calculate the viscosity of a fluid, Fundamental Hydrostatics• Compute pressure in water at various depths • Compute the pressure on a submerged vertical surface • Compute the pressure on a submerged inclined surface • Compute the pressure on a submerged curved surface • Compute the buoyant force on a submerged object Fundamental Hydrodynamics, • Recognize the types of water flow occurring in different circumstances • Draw the energy grade line and hydraulic grade line for a simple hydraulic system • Compute the discharge and velocity of water flowing in a simple hydraulic system • Measure the discharge and velocity of water flowing in a simple hydraulic system, Hydraulic Devices,• Calculate flow through an orifice • Calculate flow over a weir • Calculate flow under a gate • Calculate flow in a siphon,Open Channel Hydraulics,• Compute the slope of a channel • Compute the cross-sectional area, wetted perimeter, and hydraulic radius of a channel • Identify normal depth in a channel • Identify and compute critical depth in a channel, Uniform Flow in Channels• Compute normal depth in a channel or pipe • Compute normal depth in a stream including overbanks • Use the channel and pipe design charts properly, Varied Flow in Channels,• Identify water surface profiles for mild- and steep-sloped channels • Compute a backwater profile using the standard step method • Compute a water surface profile at an entrance to a channel • Compute a basic hydraulic jump, Culvert Hydraulics• Identify the type of flow pattern in a culvert: inlet control or outlet control • Analyze an existing culvert for adequacy using inlet and outlet control • Choose an adequate culvert size for a given discharge • Assess the need for increased inlet efficiency for a culvert, Fundamental Hydrology• Describe the hydrologic cycle • Delineate a drainage basin on a topographic map • Calculate time of concentration for a drainage basin • Estimate storm frequency for a given rainfall intensity • Describe the construction of a hydrograph using a unit hydrograph • Add two hydrographs using the principle of superposition • Describe the procedure for routing a flood wave, Runoff Calculations• Calculate peak runoff by the Rational Method • Calculate peak runoff by the NRCS Method • Calculate a runoff hydrograph by the Modified Rational Method • Calculate a runoff hydrograph by the NRCS Method, Storm Sewer Design,• Lay out a storm sewer system in a road or parking area • Interpret a storm sewer profile • Delineate incremental drainage areas in a standard storm sewer design • Compute pipe sizes in a standard storm sewer design • Design riprap outfall protection for a storm sewer outlet • Relate a standard storm sewer design to an actual case study Culvert Design,• Assess an existing culvert for hydraulic adequacy • Interpret plans showing a culvert profile • Choose an appropriate layout for a new culvert • Choose an appropriate layout for a culvert replacement • Design an appropriately sized culvert for a new embankment or a culvert replacement • Design riprap protection for a culvert inlet and outlet • Relate culvert design to actual case studies Stormwater Detention,• Compute impoundment volume by the elevation-area method • Compute impoundment outflow using orifice and weir • Compute a reservoir routing by hand, Detention Design• Explain the difference between on-site and regional detention • Design a basic detention basin • Relate detention design to actual case studies


Introduction to Hydraulics & Hydrology: With Applications for Stormwater Management, 4th Edition; John E. Gribbin, 2014, ISBN-13: 9781133691839.


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