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Exclusive Offer: Writing begins at just 10$ per page. We are giving 50% off for your first assignment


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ITCM 204 - Codes, Contracts, and Specifications Technical Assignment Help

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Topic: ITCM 204 - Codes, Contracts, and Specifications (Technology Management Course)

Introduction to ITCM 204 - Codes, Contracts, and Specifications Assignment Services

We, at TutorDollar, provide expert Codes, Contracts, and Specifications homework and online assignment help. Our Codes, Contracts, and Specifications online assignment help experts are very talented to deal with all types of challenging topics of Codes, Contracts, and Specifications.

ICTM 204 – Codes, Contracts and Specifications are an online course developed at TUTORDOLLAR. This is a course that teaches you to comprehend and describe the construction industry; construction contracting methods; the nature of contracts; issues concerning real property. In the course, you are introduced to International Code; and agents. Moving ahead, the course describes and explains forms of organizations; contract disputes and torts; surety bonds; the bidding phase; construction contract documents; specification and CSI MASTER Format. Ultimately, you learn to identify various models and local building codes, and understand the relation between model and local building codes. Be familiar with and interpret actual building code provisions and zoning ordinances.

The various topics covered in the online classes are on Description of the Construction Industry, Construction Contracting Methods, The Nature of Contracts, Issues Concerning Real Property, Agents, Forms of Organizations, Contract Disputes and Torts, Surety Bond,  The Bidding Phase, Construction Contract Documents, Unit Price, Cost-Plus, and Lump Sum Contracts, Changes, Changed Conditions, Matters of Time, Payments, Warranty, Construction Insurance, Subcontractors and Subcontracts, International Construction Contracts, Methods of Dispute Resolution, Professional Ethics, Construction Safety and Labor Relations in Construction.

ICTM 204 – Codes, Contracts and Specifications Online classes help at TUTORDOLLAR has been designed to be highly efficient and effective. The course has been designed by a panel of subject experts. These experts are highly qualified and vastly experienced as well. They understand each and every aspect of the subject and have emphasized on the more professionally required and troubling parts of the subject. However, there is sufficient coverage of other topics as well and after successful completion of this course you are bound to have a wholesome understanding of the subject.

The course is divided over a time period of a few weeks. The course is developed in a manner that it doesn’t become a burden. We, at TUTORDOLLAR, understand that most takers of these online classes are regular students and that they already have an extremely busy schedule and are involved in various activities as well. Hence, the course is well designed to cater to all the subject related requirements in as little amount of time as possible. ICTM 204 – Codes, Contracts and Specifications Online course is available for all at a very small price.

TutorDollar expertise people have got a wide range of experience in solving critical assignments that are based on codes, contact and specification. Students living in various geographic locations are waiting to seek help from TutorDollar. TutorDollar understands that students suffer from time management and solving such critical assignments is also a burden on their shoulders. So to meet up their expectations, TutorDollar charges a very minimum amount which is affordable according to the students.


What is unique in hiring TutorDollar?

TutorDollar is a client friendly academic institution that allows online as well as face to face assistance for students. This academic institution is trusted and has got reliable and promising academic content developers, who are twenty four hours available for you to seek help. TutorDollar received an ample number of assignments, projects and tutorial works on behalf of the students and submitted them a week before the deadline. The efficiency in their work has been witnessed, as they have got different teams of expertise people to assist you to develop your academic grades. The professors in TutorDollar have got industrial experience in developing Codes, Contracts and Specification. TutorDollar knows what is really needed in your assignment to make it unique in front of your school professor’s desk. 


Study materials from TutorDollar

 TutorDollar provides study materials for students, so that they can enrich their thoughts based on Codes, Contracts and Specifications. You will get these study materials as soon as you enroll yourself in the TutorDollar website. The authors of the book that TutorDollar provides, gives two hours of lectures on alternative weekends. So if you want to be a world leading expert in Codes, Contracts and Specification, then without wasting any moment go ahead in the “deep sea of knowledge” by opting for TutorDollar’s assistance.  

  • Specifications, Codes, Standards, Contracts, Laws and the Laws by Lawrence J kamm.
  • Construction Contracts Specification by Hardie, GLenn M.
  • Form of Contract by orange book.

Apart from providing study materials, TutorDollar is also concerned with a detailed plagiarism checking and systematic analysis of the assignment before delivering it into your hands.

So, Go ahead to get the best Codes, Contracts, and Specifications online assignment and homework help at TutorDollar!

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