Exclusive Offer: Writing begins at just 10$ per page. We are giving 50% off for your first assignment


Exclusive Offer: Writing begins at just 10$ per page. We are giving 50% off for your first assignment


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Topic: PHP (Programing Course)

Introduction to PHP Assignment Services

We, at TutorDollar, provide expert PHP homework and online assignment help. PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language which helps to create an effective and creative dynamic webpage or web-application for business branding and marketing. It is an open-source and server-side scripting language. The PHP code can be embedded within an HTML page. It runs on most of the operating systems and platforms, PHP web development is highly reliable and secure because it is based on language, not the formal specification. Companies rely heavily on PHP for their online business section, and it is the best choice to develop small as well as large websites, for example e-commerce websites, dynamic web applications, etc. It offers flexibility, scalability and faster speed when compared with other scripting languages currently being used to develop websites.  PHP can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on servers, as well as be used to control user access and encrypt data.

The following are the contents of PHP; variables, constants, operators,  array and functions. TutorDollar provides the platform for the perfect combination of theoretical and practical aspects and our experts help to develop that skill at a wide level.

There are several advantages of PHP such as open-source, object-oriented programming, it also supports a wide range of databases. PHP is very easy to learn, and has the advantage of being portable. There is no added cost involved for using PHP to develop web applications and websites.  Implementing PHP is much easier when compared to other programming languages like Java, Asp.net, C++, etc. It supports many popular databases such as MySQL, Oracle and many more.

TutorDollar team provides online training programs for students and professionals for career development and growth. 

TutorDollar follows basic and advanced course contents for learners. Unlike other online tutors, TutorDollar can provide you the study materials or assignments on all of the following  :- Introduction, Variables, Constants, Comments, Types, Operators, References, Arrays, Date time Class, Control Structures, Loops, Functions, Functional Programming, Alternative Syntax for Control Structures, String formatting, Classes and Objects, Namespaces, Sessions, Cookies, Output Buffering, JSON, SOAP Client, Using cURL in PHP, Reflection, Dependency Injection, XML, Parsing HTML, Regular Expressions (regexp/PCRE), Traits, Composer Dependency Manager, Magic Methods, File handling, Streams, Type hinting, Filters & Filter Functions, Generators, UTF-8, Unicode Support in PHP, URLs, How to break down an URL, Object Serialization, Closure, Reading Request Data, Type juggling and Non-Strict Comparison Issues, Sockets, PDO, PHP MySQLi, SQLite3, Using MongoDB, mongo-php, Using Redis with PHP, Sending Email, Using SQLSRV, Command Line Interface (CLI), Localization, Headers Manipulation, Coding Conventions, Asynchronous programming, How to Detect Client IP Address, Create PDF files in PHP, YAML in PHP, Image Processing with GD, Imagick, SOAP Server, Machine learning, Cache, Autoloading Primer, SPL data structures, IMAP, HTTP Authentication, WebSockets, BC Math (Binary Calculator), Docker deployment, APCu, PHP Built in server, PSR, PHPDoc, Design Patterns, Compile PHP Extensions, Common Errors, Compilation of Errors and Warnings, Exception Handling and Error Reporting, Debugging, Unit Testing, Performance, Multiprocessing, Multi Threading Extension, Secure Remember Me, Security, Cryptography, Password Hashing Functions, Contributing to the PHP Manual, Contributing to the PHP Core.

TutorDollar can also help you with following complicated topics of PHP:-  

  •  Ajax Basics- Sending data to PHP with the help of Ajax 
  • Smarty- Variables & variables modifiers
  •  Custom functions
  •  Config Files 
  •  Joomla- Web Services, PHP data type
  •  OOP’s- Interfaces, Static methods, Properties, Modifiers and Inheritance.
  •  Web features- session, GET and POST data, HTTP Headers,
  • Security
  • Datatype
  • CakePHP- Naming Conversions, MVC Overview
  • Validation
  • Evaluation
  • Core PHP
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Strings and Patterns, searching, quoting, extracting, formatting, matching
  • Database programming and network programming
  • Streaming
  • Setting up a development server- WAMP, MAMP, LAMP
  • Practical PHP- printf, sprintf, copy, move, delete, update, date and time functions
  • Form Handling- Building Forms, Retrieving Submitted Data, Input types, Sanitizing Inputs
  • Accessing MySQL using PHP- Querying a MySQL database with PHP, Creating a Login file, maintaining a database
  • Expressions and control flow- true-false, if statement, else statement, looping

TutorDollar assignments give you the path for exploring the PHP skill at the corporate level and can give you the best contents on PHP to upgrade your knowledge and to improve your coding like a professional programmer. With the assignments given by the TutorDollar will make your career booming and you also can experience and gain confidence about coding to make a web-page or web-application. You will get to know about how we differ from other online assignment helpers. TutorDollar is always a step ahead from other assignments helping because of the database which is being upgraded each and every second to add the latest questions of PHP assignments. With TutorDollar you can help yourself by completing your assignment for a minimal charge which is not going to affect your budget or wallet.

Due to other work, job or pressure some people cannot complete their assignments, or cannot concentrate in the class so they do not get enough material to study, do not worry at all TutorDollar is here to save them. . As we know about TutorDollar has certain special abilities to teach you new ways to program in PHP, we are also offering assignments and study materials for other programming languages and operating systems. All you have to do, read the study materials, complete assignments and gain knowledge. TutorDollar makes the study fun, exciting and knowledgeable by our exquisitely experts as they have years of experience in handling complicated situations related to many complex topics, will help you to complete your assignments.

Modern PHP is new to many programmers, in TutorDollar we can help you with modern PHP and help you gain knowledge about it. Working with enormous framework like CodeIgniter or Symfony can be stressful and difficult. In TutorDollar you will get certain techniques which will help you in building a web-page or web-application.

TutorDollar makes your hassles of completing assignments completely gone, gains your confidence and makes you corporate-ready for programming with PHP and lots of other languages. So, Go ahead to get the best PHP online assignment and homework help at TutorDollar!

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