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"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


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Topic: Software Engineering (Computer Science Course)

Introduction to Software Engineering Assignment Services


Software engineering is a subject of Computer Science and Mathematics which required a great amount of knowledge to solve problems and assignments. 


That’s why we are here to overcome your burden to help you in this subject via our academic professionals who are recognized by popular universities around the globe.



We can’t run the modern world without software. National infrastructures and utilities are controlled by computer-based systems and most electrical products include a computer and controlling software. Industrial manufacturing and distribution are completely computerized, as is the financial system. Entertainment, including the music industry, computer games, and film and television, is software intensive.

Therefore, software engineering is essential for the functioning of national and international societies.

There are many different types of software systems, from simple embedded systems to complex, worldwide information systems. Developing an organizational information system is completely different from developing a controller for a scientific instrument.


What is software engineering? 

Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early stages of system specification through to maintaining the system after it has gone into use.


Characteristics of software in software engineering:              

  1. Maintainability: Software should be written in such a way that it can evolve to meet the changing needs of customers. This is a critical attribute because software change is an inevitable requirement of a changing business environment.
  2. Dependability and security: Software dependability includes a range of characteristics including reliability, security, and safety. Dependable software should not cause physical or economic damage in the event of system failure. Malicious users should not be able to access or damage the system.
  3. Efficiency: Software should not make wasteful use of system resources such as memory and processor cycles. Efficiency, therefore, includes responsiveness, processing time, memory utilization, etc.
  4. Acceptability: Software must be acceptable to the type of users for which it is designed. This means that it must be understandable, usable, and compatible with other systems that they use.


Types of stages involved in software engineering:

The systematic approach that is used in software engineering is sometimes called a software process. A software process is a sequence of activities that leads to the production of a software product. There are four fundamental activities that are common to all software processes. These activities are: 

  1. Software specification, where customers and engineers define the software that is to be produced and the constraints on its operation. 
  2. Software development, where the software is designed and programmed. 
  3. Software validation, where the software is checked to ensure that it is what the customer requires. 
  4. Software evolution, where the software is modified to reflect changing customer and market requirements. 

Different types of systems need different development processes. For example, real-time software in an aircraft has to be completely specified before development begins. In e-commerce systems, the specification and the program are usually developed together.


Different types of stages application in software engineering: 

There are many different types of applications including- 

  1. Stand-alone applications - These are application systems that run on a local computer, such as a PC. They include all necessary functionality and do not need to be connected to a network.
  2. Interactive transaction-based applications - These are applications that execute on a remote computer and that are accessed by users from their own PCs or terminals.
  3. Embedded control systems - These are software control systems that control and manage hardware devices.
  4. Batch processing systems - These are business systems that are designed to process data in large batches.
  5. Entertainment systems - These are systems that are primarily for personal use and are intended to entertain the user.
  6. Systems for modeling and simulation - These are systems that are developed by scientists and engineers to model physical processes or situations, which include many, separate, interacting objects. These are often computationally intensive and require high-performance parallel systems for execution.
  7. Data collection systems - These are systems that collect data from their environment using a set of sensors and send that data to other systems for processing.
  8. Systems of systems - These are systems that are composed of a number of other software systems. Some of these may be generic software products, such as spreadsheet programs.


Some questions and answers from software engineering:

  1. What is software? 

Computer programs and associated documentation. Software products may be developed for a particular customer or may be developed for a general market. 


  1. What are the attributes of good software? 

Good software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable, and usable. 


  1. What is software engineering? 

Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production.

  1. What are the fundamental software engineering activities? 

Software specification, software development, software validation, and software evolution.


  1. What is the difference between software engineering and computer science?

Computer science focuses on theory and fundamentals; software engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing and delivering useful software. 


  1. What is the difference between software engineering and system engineering?

System engineering is concerned with all aspects of computer-based systems development including hardware, software, and process engineering. Software engineering is part of this more general process.


  1. What are the key challenges facing software engineering? 

Coping with increasing diversity, demands for reduced delivery times, and developing trustworthy software. 


  1. What are the costs of software engineering? 

Roughly 60% of software costs are development costs; 40% are testing costs. For custom software, evolution costs often exceed development costs. 


  1. What are the best software engineering techniques and methods? 

While all software projects have to be professionally managed and developed, different techniques are appropriate for different types of systems. For example, games should always be developed using a series of prototypes whereas safety-critical control systems require a complete and analyzable specification to be developed.


  1. What differences has the Web made to software engineering?

The Web has led to the availability of software services and the possibility of developing highly distributed service-based systems. Web-based systems development has led to important advances in programming languages and software reuse.

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